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I’m so exhausted and I know it shows on my face. Today was awful. The breaks on my car went bad, which is incredibly scary, and I spent my entire morning and most of the afternoon sitting at the repair shop and then paying the huge bill. Not to mention this whole ordeal has made it difficult to make time for my practice, which is making my skin crawl, because all I want to do is LET IT GO. During the whole ordeal I kept thinking, “You are so silly, at least you are ALIVE and your car is in one piece. At least you didn’t get into a wreck. It could have been so much worse. ” But still, anxiety and stress creeps in and I keep trying to tell myself, it’s okay, you’re okay, chill out. So I made a list of all the good things that have happened today, because the good should always out weigh the bad, and it truly does make me feel better:
1. I woke up in my own bed, in my home, next to the one I love.
2. I got to read 200 pages of the new book I started (which embarrassingly enough is 50 Shades of Gray, and surprisingly I’m enjoying it. Not usually my kind of book.)
3. My boyfriend bought me my favorite kind of cake from the deli. ❤
4. I got to miss a few hours of work.
5. I am completely in tact, and so is my car, and I am healthy and breathing.
6. The guy at the shop cut me a deal, because he was very nice and could tell I was very stressed.