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the messy caprese with marinated mozzarella :: what every caprese wishes she could be when she grows up, inspired by yotam ottolenghi :: sexy toasted fennel seeds + flavorful lemon zest + powerful basil, oregano & garlic :: recipe here!

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Day 4 of #bendybabes! This drop down from headstand is so fun, so I wanted to share it today. 😍
Full instructions in my previous post. Since it was right side up, I decided to make this one upside down. 😊
Make sure to follow/mention @alleeesonnnn & @ilovegurus in your posts.
Please honor your body and if headstand is not in your practice, please just start in your supported forearm wheel. 😊 💚💚

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They have Stormtrooper sugar cubes at parties at San Diego Comic Con!

Pic courtesy of my pal Jim “@technogreek” Demonakos


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Day 29 of #unleashtherebelwithin with @lindsayumlahrhn @yogarenegade @simplyserenelife @c_ravel
Straight handstands are so difficult!


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Day 3 of #bendybabes! After a 12 hr day I’m so tired! Again I wanted to post this earlier but work. 😭 my posts will be much earlier tomorrow, since I’m off work! This is a fun one I’ve been working on lately. I love the balance involved in this flow. You can modify the dancer if you can’t flip your grip by grabbing the inside of your ankle.
Start in Warrior II, sweeping up into Warrior III. Roll up, keeping the left foot off of the ground, and squeeze the knee into the chest. With the foot still off the ground, swing the left keg around to come into your dancer pose, either flipping the grip or place the hand on the inside of the left ankle and pull your stomach towards the floor, making it parallel. Repeat on the other side.
Please make sure to follow/mention @alleeesonnnn & @ilovegurus in your posts as well as the #bendybabes tag so I can keep track of you!
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Chamonix, France

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@char_crow asked for #justasmile for #smileasana so here is a silly scrunched kind of smile. Now I tag @itsericarae @yogagoddess_jo & @elisagreen to share a smile. 😊❤

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